Every artist has a journey.  TAO is a global network of artists documenting those journeys.  Our filmmakers, photographers, and writers take the audience into artist studios around the world and on those journeys as we explore what the artist goes through before the work is on the wall, in a studio, on stage, and WHY an artist absolutely HAS to do what they’re doing.

Three reasons to subscribe:

Documentaries – You’ll get unlimited access to beautiful TAO-produced documentaries and other arts content licensed into the TAO network, available to you on-demand and commercial-free, and your subscription will support us documenting more artists.

Artist Studio Network – You’ll get behind-the-scenes looks into the artists-in-residence, curated arts events, and documentary premieres at our growing network of artist studios around the world.

Arts Education – Each documentary also comes with short lessons and bits of inspiration from these leading artists, insights into how and why the approach their craft and the challenges the way they do.  Part of our mission at TAO is to provide our arts education to arts/music teachers and their students for free.  Until we reach the point we can give them all away for free, each subscriber gets to pick a classroom to receive our arts curriculum for free.