The Story of the Library of AlexandriaLibrary of Alexandria Scrolls

One of ancient Egypt’s greatest feats was the Library of Alexandria, tasked with collecting the world’s vast cultural knowledge. In its grand halls, leading artists, poets, and scholars gathered to exchange ideas.

When invading armies burned it to the ground, the Library contained half a million scrolls from all over the globe.

Its tragic destruction has become a symbol for the loss of cultural knowledge.

A Modern Day Community Library For The Arts

  • We’re building a new library – a modern day version for the arts. We are filmmakers, photographers, and writers working to capture the voices of the world’s artists. Their stories are primary sources of creativity and inspiration, and must be preserved for current and future generations.
  • We treasure living artists, and as we make this collection of their stories available to you, we’re not just building a storage library – it’s also a meeting place where you can discover, engage and support them, and where artists can collaborate and find inspiration, expertise, and community.
  • We believe that everyone, especially children, should have access to the wisdom of the world’s artists.

Our Vision

Our goal is to build an unprecedented library rich in artistic, cultural, and geographic diversity, and to cultivate a gathering place for the creative community to connect, share, and collaborate.

We’ll start by adding ten filmmaking teams each year, so that in five years, fifty teams will have captured and preserved the stories of 1,000 artists.

We want you with us! If you join us on this journey:

  • Each week you’ll visit artist studios and creative spaces with our Emmy Award-winning filmmakers for intimate conversations that dive deep into the artist’s work, motivations, process, and personal insights.
  • You’ll hang out with us at live events, from film premieres to virtual happy hours and live Artist Q&As.
  • You’ll become a champion of arts education as we donate curriculum to arts teachers and classrooms.