Alexander Kohnke


With TAO ONE, we sit down with an artist and talk about one work. One painting. One song. One dance.

Alex Kohnke, who grew up as a stutterer, explains the thinking behind his mixed media work, “The Stuttering Alphabet.” With pencil drawings, mylar, and video, this installation captures the repetition, interesting silences, and frustrations of communication.


Join artist Alexander Kohnke live on Thursday Feb 8 at 1pm Pacific Time!

Watch Alexander speak about his piece, “The Stuttering Alphabet,” in our latest installment of The Artist Odyssey’s ONE series, and then join us for his interactive live stream to discuss his work, ask questions, and get to know the artist himself.

RSVP below to submit questions in advance, and join us on February 1st to chat, or for the adventurous, connect via webcam and ask questions in person!

Who is Alexander

Alexander was born in Germany, and lived in Belgium and Switzerland before moving to Los Angeles in 1994 and San Diego in 2014. His work observes and visualizes the underlying, crude forces that often steer our existence. Using a wide range of media and armed with a keen aesthetic and a sense of humor, Alex works in drawing, photography, printmaking and video to create work that is deeply personal and yet shows how we are all connected.


Connect with Alexander Kohnke via his website