Leah Pantéa


With TAO ONE, we sit down with an artist and talk about one work. One painting. One song. One dance.

What does a mask of white paint have to do with one’s quest to find the meaning of life? In this installment of TAO ONE, Leah — an expressive abstract artist — divulges how her JANUS series is really an exploration of her spirituality.


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Who is Leah

Leah Pantéa (pronounced Pan-tay) is an abstract artist, incorporating paint and thread into her expressive works. Her recent JANUS series, which she began in Iceland as an artist in residence, continues her exploration of the mysterious and spirituality. The “veil” she references in her work is a layer of white paint that covers up to 90% of her paintings, obscuring the often-intricate brushwork below. It serves as an entry point for conversations about trust and perception.


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