Saratoga Sake


Saratoga Sake talks about his inspirations, from the subways of New York and the movie, Dreams Don’t Die, to his own personal losses. “I’m really miserable when I’m not creating,” he says. “As an artist, you always want to feel like your work is appreciated. That’s kind of what drives me, hoping some day my art will be in a museum, and it will be there forever.” (4:28)

Credits: Executive Producer, Barbarella Fokos; Director, David Fokos; Segment Producer, Roland Lizarondo; Associate Producer, Sandy Patag; Aerial Photography, Kevan Barsky; Music, Thanatos by ID the Poet, Layin’ Low, Joe Texy, TaR-Vs-TheNaj-b3, Ode to Rhodes, and IB Struttin’ by Tim Felten


Saratoga Sake was first inspired by the letters that were scrawled on New York City subways in the early 80s, and he is among the first graffiti artists in California. Though he continues to create work in that style, Sake has expanded his artistic range to include graphic design, pop surrealism, and oil painting. “I’m really miserable when I’m not creating,” Sake says. Check out this short film to learn more about this artist, and then read his Q&A with our own Barbarella Fokos and learn what Sake’s been up to lately.