Art of Élan – What’s New

Founded by violinist Kate Hatmaker and flutist Demarre McGill, Art of Élan has been bringing chamber music to new audiences for a decade now. Three years ago, when the small organization was entering its seventh year, it was featured on Art Pulse TV. See the segment with Kate Hatmaker, and then learn what these music-makers have been up to lately in a Q&A with Kate and Barbarella Fokos, executive producer … read more

Artists and Veterans Create “A Time to Heal” at OMA

  Trinh Mai and J. Grant Brittain  joined creative forces for A Time to Heal, a “socially engaging project whose mission was to provide war veterans with a space for reflection through art” on exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art through October 8. The subject matter was close to Trinh’s heart, as the majority of this artist’s work draws on personal memories, family roots, and spiritual connections.” As a Vietnamese … read more

Painter Marie Najera

  “I don’t usually have a preconceived notion of what I’m doing, I just kind of go for it,” she says. With her work, Najera “incorporates new languages and vocabularies as they pertain to current emotions, experiences, and her artwork’s designated spaces,” says Marie Najera. Marie paints stories of her life, and builds upon each layer to reflect a sense of permanence. Learn more about this artist and her latest in her Q&A … read more

Artists and Provocateurs Debby and Larry Kline

In this installment of Where Are They Now, we visit with performance and installation artists Debby and Larry Kline. Read about (and see) their many recent projects in the Q&A with Barbarella Fokos below.   BF: Can you help people further understand “My Dinner with the Klines?” LK: My Dinner with the Klines is an extension of a common experience. Everyone has played with things on the table while waiting for … read more

Sculptor Mark Edward Adams – What’s New

Sculptor Mark Edward Adams has always had an affinity for animals. As artistic subjects, he says, animals “can be the ideal vehicles to convey the joys and tragedies of life.” Mark was the first artist to be featured on Art Pulse TV, and filming his segment was a particular pleasure for our executive producers David and Barbarella Fokos, not only for the glimpse Mark afforded of his process, but also for the … read more

Experimental Musician Scott L. Nielsen – What’s New

What is music? In his work as an experimental musician, Scott Leigh Nielsen explores the differences in frequency and resonance. “We’re humans, we’re not computers. A human drummer misses beats; his meter wavers over time, and these are the kinds of things that I strive to bring back to electronic music,” he says in the short film about this artist and his work that first aired on Art Pulse TV. … read more

Screening, Lifeline, and War Wounds with Trinh Mai at OMA

This week, our first artist documentary, Honoring Life: The Work of Trinh Mai, was screened at the Oceanside Museum of Art, just a few feet away from Trinh Mai’s current exhibition, a solo show called Lifeline. According to the artist, “Lifeline provides an intimate glimpse into the interconnectedness that bears witness to both life’s fragility and the weight that it tethers to our core.  These shared, lived, and inherited stories have been woven into … read more

Comic Book Artist Alonso Nunez – What’s New

Creating art and telling stories is “primal to who human beings are,” and the practice dates back to when we first drew horses on cave walls, says Comic Book Artist Alonso Nunez, founder of Little Fish Comic Book Studio. Watch a mini-doc created shortly after Little Fish first opened, in which Alonso and his co-founder, Patrick Yurick, share insights into the importance of community in art.  After that, enjoy Alonso’s Q&A with Barbarella … read more

Paper Artist Bhavna Mehta – What’s New

In her intricate pieces, Bhavna Mehta draws connections between the stories of her ancestors in India and her modern American life. The underlying message throughout her work is that everything is connected. See Bhavna at work in her home studio, as she shares insights into her life as an immigrant and engineer-turned-self-taught artist, and then read her Q&A with Barbarella Fokos to discover what this artist has been up to … read more

Interactive Artist Dave Ghilarducci – What’s New

Dave Ghilarducci, an “interactive artist,” calls upon the viewer to partake in conversations with his machines. Despite his awareness of society’s downfalls (instant gratification, constant surveillance), he remains an optimist, at least sort of. In order to understand what that means, you’ll have to hear his unique answer to the question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” We checked in with Interactive Artist Dave Ghilarducci to see what … read more
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