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If you are creative and value doing great work, The Artist Odyssey might be the home for you. We offer two precious things in abundance – interaction with a lot of fellow artists and work that is drenched in inspiration. Our vision to connect the world’s artists and audiences is a big one.  If you can help, please contact us.


Creative Director

The Artist Odyssey’s creative director will find both a challenge and fulfillment.  Molding the stories of the artists and our documentary teams around the world into a single galvanizing vision for a community is a massive undertaking, but also comes with the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of artists and to have impact on the education side of our mission - providing free arts education to the world.

Head of Growth

The Artist Odyssey is looking for that rare individual who has a growth hacker’s instincts, a passion for the arts, and a sense of the fine balance between delivering value to a creative community while also encouraging growth.  The right person will have some dream marketing resources at their disposal, including a group of artists, filmmakers, and journalists; a large archive of organic video content; and a large, passionate, global tribe with a strong sense of identity.  Supported by a data-driven team committed to building an agile, sustainable organization, TAO’s Head of Growth has the opportunity to make a worldwide impact for years to come.

Digital Marketing Team

The Artist Odyssey is looking for both full- and part-time people with specific digital marketing skills across social media, web, video, analytics, CRM, CRO, and other areas.