The Artist Odyssey Lessons

  • Short, 1-3 minute insights from professional artists run the gamut from beginning to advanced.
  • Topics include how they approach their craft, how they cultivate their creativity, how they overcome creative block and other challenges, how they set up their studios.

For Teachers and Everyone Else

  • Teachers – These short lessons are perfect complements to your existing lesson plans. Simply search our library for your current topic, pick a clip, and share the creative and visual voice of a professional artist for an extra element of emotional engagement in support of your teaching. Our lessons are a high-quality, commercial-free, trusted source of learning with no inappropriate content or links for your students.
  • Everyone Else – We can all learn from our most creative, gifted artists. These lessons also work as stand-alone tips to support your creative endeavors. Search for your personal area of interest (or pick a random lesson each morning to add a spontaneous creative spark to your day!) and enjoy a quick trip into an artist studio for your own private lesson at home or on the go.

Working On More Than One Piece At A Time

Angela Jackson – Painter

Photographing Your Process

Painter Angela Jackson

Painter Angela Jackson

Knowing When A Piece Is Done


Our mission is to be able to give the lessons away to the world for free. Until we grow large enough to do so and/or find the right partners, each subscriber to The Artist Odyssey gets to pick a classroom to receive the lessons for free on their behalf. What classroom will you support with these arts lessons?


The Artist Odyssey’s arts curriculum is a dream for teachers. The personalities of the artists connect with the students emotionally and the caliber of their work provides the credibility and inspiration to help cement the subject matter. The categorization makes it easy to find trusted, high-quality clips that complement my lesson plans.”   Alexander Schaffer Czech – Professional Artist and Arts Teacher with a Masters in Educational Technology

“As an educator and parent who is aware of the never-ending pressure on school arts programs, I am always looking for ways to help introduce our kids to artists and to experiences that broaden their creative horizons. Knowing these lessons from such inspiring artists are safe and commercial-free gives me peace of mind as the kids learn.”  Cari Griesbach – Teacher, Principal, and Administrator with a Masters in Education from Harvard.